Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

When we’re talking tradition, a sense of antiquity, and vintage styling, yellow gold is right up there with the best of them. At Janai Jewellery, in fact, we can safely say that yellow gold is still a widely popular choice when it comes to choosing a particular metal for a wedding ring, and as such, often recommend it to those seeking a traditional look.

Yellow gold works well with most wedding ring designs too, including plain wedding rings, two-tone weddings rings, and even vintage wedding rings At Janai Jewellery, we normally use 18ct Yellow Gold, which contains 75% pure Gold and provides a great pairing of both strength and purity.


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18ct Yellow Gold

18ct yellow Gold is a beautiful tradition metal. Its colour and tradition dates back to 2800BC when Egyptians were buried with a gold or silver band (depending on their nobility)on their left hand 3rd finger to represent their ties to another person.
Throughout history, gold bands have been a symbol of connection and later marriage.

When purchasing an item of gold jewellery, always look for a carat mark which should be stamped on the piece of jewellery. This is a quality mark and refers to the proportion of pure gold in the item. Pure gold, which is 24 carat, the metric equivalent being 1000, is generally considered too soft for practical uses in jewellery and is alloyed with other precious and base metals to increase its durability. Some of the common markings found on gold jewellery, with their metric equivalent are:

22ct or 916      18ct or 750      14ct or 585      9ct or 375

There is no legal requirement in Australia for an item of jewellery to be stamped. However, for example, if the item is sold as being 9ct (375) if it were to be tested it must be 9ct (375).

(Larsons) 18ct Yellow Gold is an alloy of pure Gold and other metals, including Silver and Copper, and can be made in 18ct, 14ct and 9ct, which refers to the amount of pure Gold in the alloy. Due to the softness of pure 24ct Gold, Yellow Gold is alloyed to increase its strength and wearability. The colour of Yellow Gold can vary as a result of its Gold content, with 18ct Yellow Gold being a richer yellow colour than 9ct Yellow Gold. It is also a longer wearing metal than 9ct Gold and is preferable for use in wedding rings.

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