Canary Diamond

Yellow diamonds are popular here at Janai Jewellery. They are beautiful stones that work well with any type of metal, such as platinum or white gold. Whether you are looking for a yellow diamond for your classic engagement ring like the solitaire, or something a little more bling like the halo or trilogy or have already taken care of the engagement ring and are now onto the wedding ring, Janai Jeweller’s range of yellow diamonds will leave you mesmerised.

The yellow diamond, also commonly known as a canary diamond and are available as either large centre stones or small stones to enhance your halo, wedding ring or to add a little colour to your piece of jewellery.  Natural yellow diamonds are rare and often hard to come by, however, here at Janai we have hundreds of diamond suppliers at our disposal.

If you’re looking to buy a yellow diamond, it’s important to understand what yellow diamonds are, and what the differences are. Naturally, Janai Jewellery can walk you through the steps of acquiring a yellow diamond, so if you’re feeling that a yellow diamond is right for you or your partner, then Janai Jewellery is a name to remember.


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Yellow Diamonds

Yellow Diamonds are rare and beautiful. They’re one of the most common of coloured diamonds as they’re abundantly found more often than other coloured diamonds but white diamonds are still found more often.

The most common lattice impurity in found in diamonds is nitrogen. Which causes the yellow colour. Most of the diamonds mined are TYPE 1 Diamonds. Which means they have some Nitrogen. It was discovered back in 1959 by W. Kaiser and W. Bond that diamonds needed to be separated into these two categories. Type 1 diamonds are Nitrogen Rich and Type 2 diamonds are Nitrogen poor. Yellow diamond colour is very faint but occasionally you may find diamonds with a strong yellow canary yellow which means the nitrogen to carbon ratio is more like 100 parts per million. These are called Type 1B. The Nitrogen in these diamond are evenly spread.. Sometimes with enough Nitrogen in the lattice structure, this can sometimes cause the diamonds to have a green tinge as well as an orange colour.

Yellow Diamonds are a great addition to an engagement ring is smalls as well as being a centre piece for a ring, earrings or pendant.


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