White Gold



White Gold

When it comes to engagement rings, we see a huge level of customisation almost daily here at Janai Jewellery. Matching personal style with specific diamond cuts such as princess, round, cushion, and even pear cuts, with the varying design options (solitaire, halo, and  trilogy) allows us to really diversify the types of rings we provide. That being said, and when it comes to the type of metal used, white gold has proven to be very popular. At Janai Jewellery, in fact, we would go close to say that it is the most popular. The origin of White Gold is rather interesting, as it’s simply a perfectly assembled mixture of pure Gold and other metals. We pride ourselves in providing white gold that is 100% nickel free, which a lot of us are allergic to and most importantly our pure gold is purchased directly from the world bank so it is 100% conflict free. 18ct white gold can be fashioned in 18ct and 9ct. These measurements, unlike a diamond, refers simply to the amount of pure Gold in the alloy, and obviously not the carat of a particular diamond. 18ct is made up of 75% pure gold and 9ct is made up of 37.5% pure gold.


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