Wedding Rings

Janai Jewellery offers every style of wedding ring you can think of. From plain golden bands to the sleek, impressive look of two-tone weddings rings, as well as the elegance of a vintage wedding ring or diamond wedding rings, we have a huge range of options and choices, right under the one roof.

We also provide matching bridal sets, if you are wanting to match the style and stone choice, right from the get-go, as well as the finest handmade wedding rings out there. If you’re in the market for something a little more unique, a little different, then our diamond encrusted wedding rings, as well as our beautiful gemstone wedding rings, may be for you.

Whatever your preference, the bottom line is simple. If it’s time to pop the question and you would like to propose with a band, or if you already have proposed and are on the hunt for a stunning wedding ring that really captures the love in your heart, then Janai Jewellery should be your first choice.

We know the anticipation and stress of proposing can be daunting, but once you have gotten that out of the way, why not secure a wedding ring that really symbolises just how much your partner means to you. Rest assured, Janai Jewellery will never disappoint.


Extensive range of
classic and modern bands

Hand-crafted Custom-
made in store

Restore and resize family
jewellery or stones

Creative and collaborative
design approach

Over 35 years industry


Things you might be wondering… Question Time!

Custom-made jewellery generally takes around 3-4 weeks to create after the design is approved, with some detailed designs taking longer. The entire process from first consultation through to finished product should take 4-6 weeks.

We’re aware you now have a huge to-do list for the big day, so we’re all about ticking off wedding ring shopping in a way that’s easy and fun.
We house an extensive range of classic and modern bands in white, yellow and rose gold that you’re welcome to try on (without us hovering over your shoulder). Or if you’re looking for that extra spesh touch, let’s create something new together.


You’re always welcome to drop by our store and see our local and international collection or chat to our team about designing a new piece.