Wedding & Anniversary Bands



Wedding & Anniversary Bands

At Janai Jewellery, we know, as do most, that the engagement ring comes first, then, of course, the wedding ring to commemorate the bond. Then of course, perhaps a few years later down the line, the possibility of an eternity ring is an option to complete the set as part of a memorable bridal set. At Janai, while specialising in both engagement rings and the finest weddings rings, as well as unique anniversary bands, we have come to realise that most women find choosing their wedding ring a fairly straightforward task, as more often than not, their engagement ring will dictate the style of their wedding ring to match either the simplicity of a solitaire or the bling of a halo or trilogy ring. With that being said, there is also a significant number of people who like to contrast their wedding ring either with different metals or diamonds, in a way that compliments a totally different style of engagement ring. We believe in thinking about your wedding ring even while looking for engagement rings, as you will wear them together eventually, it’s nice to see how your engagement ring and wedding band are going to look together. So our designers will help you envision that by drawing a scaled sketch to show you exactly how your pieces will look together eventually, without having to commit to the wedding band.

We believe in the unique nature of our customers and their personal preferences when it comes time to choose the perfect bridal set, and as such, offer a plethora of options. Contrasting metals such as rose gold or platinum, adding diamonds, or your favourite gemstones are just some of the options available at Janai Jewellery to make your bridal set uniquely yours.


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