Trilogy Three Row Engagement Rings

A trilogy engagement ring design from Janai Jewellery can often bring a sense of symbolism. Not only is your beautiful engagement ring a representation of your love and commitment, but a diamond trilogy engagement ring, should you go down that path, perhaps offers a lot more than what first meets the eye.

In fact, we love telling our customers the meaning behind the trilogy engagement ring design, as the first diamond is said to represent the present, the second diamond the past, and the last diamond is supposedly there to represent the bright and sparkling future.

With such a unique design, diamond trilogy rings come with a variety of design possibilities and diamond options including round, princess, or emerald, which of course are dependent on the shape of the diamonds and the style of setting.

Diamond Engagement Rings from Janai ranging from classic designs, vintage designs, with Round Brilliant diamonds, to bezel set decorative cut diamonds, trilogy stone engagement rings can be shaped as timeless, classic designs or bold, beautifully contemporary rings. Most importantly, here at Janai, we pride ourselves in searching for the perfect stone, so if you require, we have specialist diamond cutters who can match all three certified stones perfectly.


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A Triology ring is a three stone engagement ring that symbolise the memories of your past, present and future. These rings are often given as an engagement ring but can also be given as an eternity ring. The centre stone is generally always the biggest and is placed in the middle and it represents the present and the smaller stones on each side of the centre stone represent the past and future. However, the three stones engagement rings are also commonly known as triology or trinity rings. It’s a perfect ring for couple who wants a deep meaningful engagement ring.

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