Tanzanite Rings

Janai Jewellery has some of the finest gemstones available on the market. From Ruby to sapphire, emerald and topaz, Janai can create beautiful, bespoke  jewellery from some of the most precious stones in the world. Whether you are looking for a necklace or bracelet, earrings or a unique engagement ring, Janai Jewellery is a name you should remember when it comes to the majesty of alluring gemstones.

That being said, and perhaps lesser known, at least from a mainstream perspective, Tanzanite is a rare gem that Janai regularly works with. It is found mostly in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania hence it’s a beautiful and unique name. Tanzanite has a deep purplish blue colour which only features in these beautiful gemstones, creating a distinct point of difference.

While not the hardest stone out there, Janai Jewellery recommends that a Tanzanite stone isn’t the best for everyday use, unless it’s well protected in its setting such as a exquisite halo. So if you are in the market for a rare gemstone such as Tanzanite, then Janai Jewellery is happy to help.


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The name Tanzanite was introduced by Tiffany and Co. It’s the excepted name of this particular colour gemstone but its technical name is blue Zoisite. Tanzanite was not discovered in commercial quantities until the 1960s. In the short time since then, it has become the second most popular blue gem after sapphire (thanks to Tiffany and Co.)
It is one of a very small number of gems of any color that have been discovered and brought to strong consumer popularity within the past century. good quality lighting, Tanzanite can look like a good quality blue sapphire, it lower lighting, the violet components are more visible making the tanzanite have an amethyst look.

Tanzanites colour is a blue/violet and is a perfect colour to use in engagement rings as well as dress/cocktail ring designs.  The blue/violet colour of Tanzanite makes it a great centerpiece for any design. The trnaspareny of colours helps it to be used with a variety of other colours or simply adding diamonds to a stand alone tanzanite. The options are endless.

The Tanzanite or Zoisite is available in a range of colours including gray, yellow, brown, pink, green, blue, and violet. The name “tanzanite” is used for a color variety of zoisite that ranges from blue to bluish purple to bluish violet.


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