Spinel Gemstone

Janai Jewellery has some of the finest gemstones available on the market. From Ruby to sapphire, emerald and topaz, Janai can create beautiful, custom-made jewellery from some of the most precious stones in the world. Whether you are looking for a necklace or bracelet, earrings or a unique engagement ring, Janai Jewellery is a name you should remember when it comes to the majesty of alluring gemstones.

Spinel, while one of the lesser-known gemstones, is certainly gaining traction. In fact, Janai Jewellery has seen a rise in popularity as of late, and it is no surprise considering its beauty.

Spinel is found in a variety of colours, with the most well-known shade being a rich, deep grey. The most rare of colours available are the red and for many years, it was even mistaken for ruby, earning the unflattering title of ‘The Great Imposter.’  But due to modern technology, laboratories can tell the difference and Red Spinel is a very sought after gemstone as well the royal Blue or even the Vibrant Violet.

Janai Jewellery often create beautiful gemstone jewellery with spinel gemstones. While red, grey or even blue spinel is the most popular, spinel gemstones can also be found in a lovely array of colours from soft pink and off reds, to dark orange and deep, mesmerising blues and dark green. The purest type is the white spinel. So, if you’re after a unique gemstone, Janai Jewellery can help you with a spinel gemstone.


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Spinel is on the rise and making its debut in engagement due to its variety of colours and smokiness. These beautiful gemstones are available in all colours with the favorite being a ruby like red. But the spinel has such transparency that it captures the light and refracts like no other gemstone.

Spinel has only been classified as a separate gemstone in the last 150 years, before that being classed as Ruby, as they didn’t have the technology we have today to properly identify gemstones.

The hardness of Spinel is 8 on the MOHs scale making it suitable for all types of jewellery.
The dark green to black opaque Spinel is one of the most sought after, called Ceylonite.
The brown variety is called Piconite, the yellow is known as Rubicelle and the pale red is known as Balas Ruby.

The variety of colours makes this a perfect stone for anyone looking to add a little colour to their piece. Spinel comes in varieties of hues as well. Ranging from very strong a saturated to a pastel Smokey hue.

Spinel is mined in Burma and Sri Lanka as well as smaller deposits in Anatolia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Thailand and the US (New Jersey)

Spinel gemstones are available in in all depths of colour from light to dark and available in colours such as greys, greens, blues, reds, pinks and purples.


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