Ruby Rings

At Janai Jewellery, we have seen the rise in ruby rings popularity over the years. Once a traditional and antiquated stone, it is now making a glorious comeback, especially when it comes to engagement rings.

Ruby is one of the more well-known coloured gemstones and is often used in dress rings as well. Here’s a little history on Ruby. As well as looking absolutely stunning, Ruby is also believed to be the gem of Love, which, when used in an engagement ring setting, be it a solitaire, a halo, or even a trilogy, provides the perfect aesthetic representation.

Ruby’s name comes from ‘ruber’, which is Latin for ‘red’. There is quite a significant range in hue when it comes to Ruby, and it works well a lot of different metals including white gold and platinum. The richness of Ruby’s striking colour, the brilliance of the reflected light, and the clarity of the gem, all determine the quality of a Ruby, but at Janai Jewellery, we provide nothing but the best.

If you feel that a ruby ring is something you would like to organise, then our jewellers will show you a range of rubies to choose from, so that we can get the ball rolling and custom create your engagement ring, or another piece of fine jewellery, whatever that may be!


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Ruby is thus names because of its red colour. It was not until the about the 1800’s that ruby, as well as sapphire, was recongised as corundum. Before that the red spinel as well as the red garnet were also known as ruby. But now the name Ruby means a red corundum.

Ruby in its most deepest colour is very rare and thus a higher price than others. It can range from a pinky red to what they call a blood red ruby. The inclusions also make a difference, with each stone being different and cutters trying to maximize carat weight, the inclusions can sometimes be visible. Generally ruby or corundum will have what is called silk lines, due to rutile needles. These are sometimes removed by some heat treatment which enhances the diamonds colour and makes them more valuable.

Ruby is the hardest gemstone after diamond at 9 on the MOHs scale.
Being such a hard gemstone, its become very popular for use in engagement rings.
The red colour stands out and is very noticeable, making the engagement ring a real centre piece.
Ruby can be used an an enhancer on either side of a diamond or even the centre piece. Being the birthstone for July, so adding a small Ruby to a ring to make the piece more personal is great gesture.

Rubies have been mined in countries such as Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, China, Australia, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Malawi.


You’re always welcome to drop by our store and see our local and international collection or chat to our team about designing a new piece.