Pink Diamond Ring

While Janai Jewellery stocks some of the most stunning diamonds out there, such as the 8 Hearts & 8 Arrows Diamond and Argyle Diamond, nothing quite stands out more than a stunning pink diamond. They are amongst the rarest and most prized of all the coloured diamonds, not only here at Janai Jewellery, but also globally.

And for good reason. Pink diamonds buck the conventional trend of traditional white diamonds and come in a wondrous array of varying pink hues. To this day, the science on just how a diamond ends up pink is cloudy at best but in technical terms they’re most likely caused by a lattice deformation, which sounds peculiar but its what is currently known to produce these wonderful colours. Although modern science has its theories, the mystery and allure of a beautiful pink diamond only adds to its reputation.

Naturally, pink diamond ring can be rather pricey, but at Janai Jewellery, we will work with you for the best possible solution when acquiring a gorgeous pink diamond. Be it for an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or a custom piece of other jewellery, our team of expert jewellers will talk you through all the available options when it comes to pink diamonds.


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Pink is one of the rarest colours of diamonds, only being found in India, Brazil, South Africa and Tanzania until the Argyle mine was discovered and became the world leaders in producing pinks.

The colours available are Pink, Pink purple, Pink Rose and Champagne. And the intensities range from pale to the most beautiful of intense colours. The more intense the colour, the more rare they are.

The most common known cause of pink in diamonds is lattice deformation or plastic deformation. Although most of the Diamond industry will say the creation of these beautiful colours is still a mystery, there has been some research into what makes diamonds pink (and red and purple) but there are still many things that are unexplained. The pink colour sometimes occurs when the diamond is embedded in the earth’s crust, intense heat and pressure cause their crystal lattice to distort while the diamond is in a semi-solid state. This can cause some carbon atoms to slightly move, distorting the lattice structure it can then absorb a particular band of green light rays resulting in the pink colour that we see. Most commonly this results in brown colours and occasionally pink. The brown colours can be very beautiful being Cognac or even a chocolate colour making them very popular for jewellery.

The most rare of diamond colours is the RED coloured diamonds. (Also the in between colours that include red such as purplish red which according to GIA is actually the most rare out of all the hues) RED coloured diamonds are known to be caused by the same reason that causes pink diamonds but just way more intense.

The pink colour sometimes lightens during the cutting process due to intense heat but sometimes deepens in colour s it cools and can sometimes become an even stronger colour than before.

Pink diamonds are usually type Ia and are rarely type IIa. Brazilian pinks tend to be stronger than those of India but Indian pinks tend to be bigger.


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