Pear Shaped Engagement Rings




Pear-shaped diamonds have always been a popular choice for those wanting something a little different. Pear or Teardrop shaped diamonds are a great and versatile choice that is often overlooked for the more popular diamond choices such as the round brilliant or the Princess cut. Janai Jewellery personally love pear diamond engagement rings, for not only do they have an aesthetically appealing and unique shape, similar to a teardrop, but they also combine the best features of an oval cut and a marquise cut diamond, all while standing in a category of their own. They work with any metal, including platinum, white gold, and even rose gold. Janai Jewellery, while experts in custom-made engagement rings, will always steer you in the right direction when opting for a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring, and help you create the perfect engagement ring for your deserving partner. We pride ourselves in finding the perfect diamond for you which means searching for Pear shaped diamonds with perfect ratios to ensure maximum refraction and minimising the bow tie tie effect which is present of most elongated brilliant diamonds, such as oval shaped diamonds and Marquise shaped diamonds as well.


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