Educating Our Clients

Janai Jewellery is passionate about educating customers about what they are buying. We believe everyone should have the means to make an informed decision before making a purchase.

One of our highly knowledgeable consultants will be designated to help guide and educate you in all aspects of diamond knowledge. This includes educating clients about the universal 4C’s concept. A concept created by GIA in the 1950’s which revolutionised the diamond industry and made it easier for consumers to compare diamond qualities.

We also cover subjects such as Hearts & Arrows, Diamond Measurements vs Weight, types of inclusions and how visible they are as well as demonstrate the differences between apparent similar diamonds.

It’s easier to compare diamond quality when you have all the knowledge.

So whether you want to shop from our extensive range or custom make your own unique piece, you can rely on us to deliver a personalised service with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. And we will make your designing experience seamless and enjoyable.

Argyle Pink Diamonds

With more than 35 years of industry experience Janai Jewellery can source any diamond you are after at extremely competitive prices.

Yes, we even source Argyle Pink Diamonds, the rarest and most intriguing diamonds in the world!

“for every one million carats of rough diamonds produced from the mine, only one polished carat is pink”.

The story of Argyle pink diamond is certainly nothing short of extraordinary. Emerging from 1.6 billion years of existence, this particular diamond originated from the earth’s centre and journeyed its way through some of the roughest of terrains up to the earth’s surface.

Furthermore, approximately 95% of Argyle Pink Diamonds are found in only one place, the Argyle Mine of Western Australia. And of the hundreds of thousands of diamonds produced, only a tiny percentage of Argyle diamonds are pink, making them the most esteemed diamond in the world.

Argyle pink diamonds can be found in a spectacular colour palette that depicts every shade from palest blush through to cherry blossom, soft rose, alluring violet and rare dramatic red.

What happens during consultation?

At Janai Jewellery we make it our responsibility to ensure all our clients are able to make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Our friendly and professional jewellery and diamond consultants will take the time to carefully listen to each and every client to really understand what it is you’re after. Clients can buy readily available designs from our extensive range in store or alternatively custom-make their own piece.

Depending on what clients are looking for, they can meet with either our jewellery consultants who specialise in wedding bands, earrings and simple pendant designs or with one of our diamond consultants for engagement rings and more complex jewellery designs.

Our consultants are highly educated in their field and will explain to you everything you need to know about diamonds, gemstones and other precious materials such as gold, platinum and silver.

They are also well-equipped with extensive designing experience and can talk you through a range of possible design plans. Once you are happy with a design plan we will source GIA certified diamonds that will suit your design and fall within your budget.

At Janai Jewellery our educated consultants are experts in making your imagination become a reality. Customers will also be pleased to know that we have the capacity to source any diamond you are after at extremely competitive prices!

What do we cover?

During consultation we cover:

The 4c’s about diamonds and their value, rarity and beauty
The types of metals and their quality
What our custom design process entails (time frames, design, cost etc)
As each client’s enquiry is different we will select the perfect specialist with the appropriate level of expertise for the appointment.

Get in touch today!

At Janai Jewellery customers are bound to walk away with the greatest confidence knowing that they have chosen the perfect jeweller. We are committed to delivering unmatched quality and craftsmanship, and the best value for money to our client’s fullest satisfaction.


How long does it take to custom make a ring?

With today’s advance in technology such as Computer Aided Design (CAD), custom-made jewellery in general can take an average of two weeks once the CAD design is approved. There are some exceptions to certain designs which are more intricate than others. Altogether we aim to keep time frames from start to finish within 4 to 6 weeks. All this is done without compromising the quality and appearance of your piece. For any further enquiries about our custom-make pieces please call Janain Jewellery on (03) 9662 1455.

Can I view the sketches before the ring starts to be made?

Absolutely! Once we gain a thorough understanding of our client’s concept our team of very creative designers will produce a highly accurate, detailed and scaled three-dimensional sketch to cross-check with clients. This is done to ensure all the necessary specifications are being met. At Janai Jewellery we ensure our clients are part of the process every step of the way because we want to ensure your utmost satisfaction. For further enquiries about our services or to book a consultation, please call Janai Jewellery on (03) 9662 1455.

What is the 4C’s concept of diamond quality?

The 4C’s concept is today a universal method used to grade and compare the quality of diamonds. It was created in the 1950s by GIA, the world’s most trusted global authority on diamond grading and researching and it is used by most laboratories and consumers looking to buy. At Janai Jewellery we are passionate about educating our customers in all aspects of diamond knowledge so they can make an informed decision before making a purchase. For further enquiries about our services or to book a consultation, please call Janai Jewellery on (03) 9662 1455.

Can you show me what this quality diamond looks like?

Absolutely! We have a wide range of jewellery readily available at our store for clients to look at and try on. Also part of our education process of clients we take the time to demonstrate the differences between different types of diamonds to help better your understanding of what you are buying. For further enquiries about our services or to book a consultation, please call Janai Jewellery on (03) 9662 1455.

Can Janai Create a Ring If I Supply the Diamond?

No. Janai offers everything as a package. This is so there is no compromising on our standards and quality of our workmanship.



You’re always welcome to drop by our store and see our local and international collection or chat to our team about designing a new piece.

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