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At Janai Jewellery, we know that getting down on bended knee and asking for someone’s hand in marriage is probably the most important question you’ll ever have to ask. It comes with a level of fear, an uncontrollable amount of nerves, and a tingling anticipation of which you’ll probably lose sleep over. After all, it’s the rest of your life we’re talking about. Such a momentous occasion then should be marked with a beautiful symbol of your unwavering love and admiration, and at Janai Jewellery, we know just the thing.

Enter, your engagement ring.

Here at Janai Jewellery, we know the importance when it comes to choosing a style of engagement ring that really captures the magic of asking someone to marry you. It should be as personalised as possible, and reflective of how you truly feel about them. With other 75 years combined experience in the jewellery business, the three directors here at Janai Jewellery strive to deliver exactly that. From the highest quality diamonds in the Australian market, to an unrivalled level of expertise and range of rings, at Janai Jewellery, your custom diamond engagement ring will be a talking point for years to come.

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring – The Process Involved

When choosing your engagement ring to help commemorate such a special and unforgettable day, we at Janai Jewellery will go out of our way to assist you and narrow your choices with an intuitive and expert assessment of the perfect ring. With an unrivalled selection of the best quality diamonds and precious gems, ring styles and casts, you can be rest assured that such a personal piece of jewellery will symbolise your love and compliment your relationship on your way to the biggest day of your life. From classically stunning, to modern and simple, our engagement rings offer something to suit anyone’s taste. Janai Jewellery can help you find the perfect diamond ring and will not stop working until we do.

We believe in a stress-free process and will work with you to minimise any anxieties that may naturally come with such a significant commitment. At Janai Jewellery, in fact, we are %100 in your corner when choosing a special engagement ring, which, as well as our industry knowledge and expertise, allows us to interact and engage with you on a personal level. We believe this is important to really understand what it is, you are wanting when choosing an engagement ring, so that you can walk out of our store happy and confident and excited to pop the infamous question. We stand by our beautiful engagement rings here at Janai Jewellery, and we promise you that they will last a lifetime.

I’m ready to Purchase – What now?

If you’ve decided that proposing to your partner is something you are planning on in the near future, then why not start the wonderfully exciting process of creating your custom diamond engagement ring today. The experience and service you will undoubtedly receive when you walk through our doors here at Janai Jewellery will only compliment the whole, invigorating experience. You can browse today, through our stunning engagement ring collection, and get the ball rolling. All of our rings here at Janai are custom made and almost any design is possible, so feel free to really talk to us. We will listen, offer advice, and offer you one on one time with our expert jewellers in order to create your dream engagement ring. At Janai Jewellery, all of our engagement rings with diamonds have been fully certified to ensure that you are receiving the best quality available. So, if you’re planning to take the ultimate step, why not pop into our Melbourne showroom and talk to one of our jewellers today.


You’re always welcome to drop by our store and see our local and international collection or chat to our team about designing a new piece.