Matching Wedding Bands

Janai Jewellery is all about consistency. While many of our customers like to contrast their engagement ring with their wedding ring, there’s something to be said for a beautiful and distinct matching bridal set. In fact, Janai Jewellery has some of the most popular matching rings on the market, in which our stunning engagement rings are perfectly paired with an equally as impressive wedding ring to create an amazing duo.

If you’re in the market for a bridal set for your beautiful bride to be, that is, in the market for 2 rings at the same time, then Janai Jewellery is the people talk to. Bridal sets, essentially, ensure that both the engagement ring and wedding ring match.

Although Janai consultants can assure you that creating a wedding band later down the track can be matched to the engagement ring perfectly, there’s something to be said about receiving two rings and that would be one thing ticked off your wedding to-do list.

A matching bridal set also exhibits a lovely, consistent style (be it a solitaire or halo), or metal (white gold, platinum etc), shape and even stone proportion. Our matching bridal sets here at Janai Jewellery feature overlapping designs, which is also a great way to highlight the showpiece stone or stones like a round brilliant or precious gemstone.

With a matching bridal set, the wedding ring can be straight if the engagement ring allows for a straight wedding band or actually shaped to slide under the engagement ring, so that the two rings fit perfectly together. Talk to us today here at Janai Jewellery if you’re wanting a matching bridal set!


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Bridal Sets

Bridal sets have become very popular in the last few years. Purchasing an engagement ring and wedding band together can make it very easy as that’s one thing ticked off the list of things to do coming up to the wedding.

Our engagement rings are custom designed, so occasionally this means that some designs may have a large basket, or a twist r a low setting which requires a fitted band. This means the wedding band is not straight but may have a curve, or a twist or simply take on a V or U shape instead of being straight. Because of our fantastic design process, we’re able to design your wedding band along with your engagement ring to ensure they’re going to look beautiful as a set. Whether the wedding band fitted or not, we’re able to show you In our 3D sketches how the rings will sit together, so you know how they will look as a matching set.


You’re always welcome to drop by our store and see our local and international collection or chat to our team about designing a new piece.