Halo Engagement Rings

If we’re talking about trends and what’s popular today, then Halo engagement rings are up there. In fact, and after the unrivalled popularity of the classic solitaire ring, they sit comfortably as the next most popular type of engagement ring design.  Why? Well, Halo engagement rings incorporate the elegance and grace of classic craftsmanship and what an engagement ring represents, while offering a contemporary flavour. This confluence of seamless design and artistic value has seen the Halo engagement ring rise in popularity in recent years and works a variety of stones including Round, Princess, Emerald and Cushion.

What separates Halo engagement rings from the other designs is its bling factor. They’re big, glamorous, and stand out, and offer great value when it comes to price in terms of how big they appear. In other words, a halo ring provides the ‘it’ factor, the sparkle, and the centre of attention, no matter who you’re talking to. If a Halo Engagement Ring? Janai is first in choice for Custom Made Engagement Rings.


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A halo ring design was introduced in the 1920s, when the style known as Art Deco became prominent. The design is set with smaller diamonds around the centre stone making it appear bigger in a halo setting.

A quarter third or half carat diamond can look, as much as a half a carat bigger. So no matter what your budget, a halo rings give you a bigger bang for your buck.

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