Gemstone Wedding Bands & Wedding Rings Melbourne

Janai Jewellery are not only experts when it comes to beautiful engagement rings, but our range of exquisite wedding rings are just as impressive. And that goes for our gemstone wedding bands as well. We all know that a wedding ring is both a life-changing and symbolic piece of jewellery that represents love and long-term commitment. Traditionally, weddings rings are often plain made out of either yellow or white gold, or even encrusted with diamonds but at Janai Jewellery, we believe in uniqueness and personal expression and what better what to make a statement than to bless your new, state of the art, bespoke  wedding ring with a beautiful and unique gemstone. With a huge selection of precious gemstones, including, Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald, your new gemstone wedding ring will be the talk of the town. Although you may have a traditional engagement ring such as solitaire, contrasting the simplicity of such a ring with a big and bright gemstone wedding ring, is proving more and more popular. And for good reason! So, if you feel that a gemstone wedding ring would be a perfect match (be it literally, or as an elegant contrast) then Janai Jewellery is ready to walk you through the process.


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