Double S Diamonds

Double S Diamonds are like no other diamond, and although we here at Janai Jewellery stock some of the very best diamonds in the world, including argyle and yellow diamonds, nothing can quite compare to a Double S.

Whether you are looking for this stunning diamond for a classic engagement ring like the solitaire, or something a little more bling like the halo or trilogy or have already taken care of the engagement ring and are now onto the wedding ring, Janai Jewellery can organise a stunning Double S Diamond, should you crave one.

A Double S Diamond doesn’t just sound alluring, it is alluring, for they are one the most perfectly cut, high-performance diamonds in the world. What’s a high-performance diamond? Simply, they are diamonds that sparkle like no other. Others will marvel at your Double S Diamond Ring from Janai Jewellery, while leaving them almost in a trance.

Super cut diamonds such as the Double S Diamonds are just that magical. So, if you feel that only the very best will do, and truly are after a diamond that will steal the show each and every time, then Janai Jewellery is the place to come to for passion8 diamonds.


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