Diamond Wedding Bands

Janai Jewellery are not only experts when it comes to beautiful engagement rings, but our range of exquisite wedding rings are just as impressive. And that goes for our diamond wedding bands as well.

We all know that a wedding ring is both a life-changing and symbolic piece of jewellery that represents love and long-term commitment. Traditionally, weddings rings are often plain made out of either yellow or white gold, but at Janai Jewellery, we believe in self-expression and what better way to make a statement than to encrust your beautiful new wedding ring with diamonds!

Whether you are wanting to match the bling of your halo engagement ring or trilogy, or if you want to contrast your classic solitaire engagement ring with something a little more extravagant, Janai Jewellery will help you find the perfect diamond wedding ring. With a whole range of options and unique features when the time comes to invest in a diamond wedding ring, Janai will be here waiting.


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Diamond Wedding bands

Diamond wedding bands are available in many settings and many shapes. The most common would be to match the diamond band to any shoulders diamonds that are currently on the engagement ring but in the case of no shoulders diamonds, the options are endless.

Diamond Wedding bands can consist of settings such as claw set, grain set, channel set or even pave setting.

A claw set ring is described as a band with diamonds that are simply held in by claws and does not have an edge on the side of the diamonds. A claw set ring can have either individual claws, meaning 4 claws on each diamond or shared claws, meaning the claws re shared between the two diamonds on either side of it.

Grain set is a band where the diamonds are set into the band and there is usually an edge of some sort. Its also called bead set as it has tiny beads in between each diamond giving it a twinkle look.

Channel set means the diamonds are set into the band like a channel and these bands have an edge. The diamonds are set right up against each other. This setting can be made with most shapes of diamond including round, princess or even baguette. Its one of the safest settings available as the diamonds are not exposed and set very safely in their channel.

Pave is the setting name given to rings that contain many small diamonds with tiny beads in between each one, usually two or more rows. This gives the look of many small diamonds creating a ‘all diamond’ look with barely any metal visible.


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