Custom Made Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings


Janai Process – Sketch To Final Ring

To process custom made engagement rings, we begin with our team of our very creative designers who create each piece with a scaled, three-dimensional sketch to all the necessary specifications.

Following this with our unique software, our CAD designers engineer that very concept into a highly accurate and scaled rendered Cad image. Finally, our expertly skilled jewelers and diamond setters realize the vision started by our designers, in producing each design into a piece of jewellery of the utmost precision finish and quality.

What seems to a regular person when looking at the finished product as being a very simple and easy task is actually the work of a very precise and skilled ‘engine of components’ working behind the scenes together to achieve the most effortless of designs. No piece of jewellery can ever be created if not for the collaboration of this very same team- experts in their own fields.