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At Janai Jewellery, we have seen trends come and go, we’ve also been known to set trends!. From different cuts and metals (including white gold, platinum, and even rose gold,)  and especially designs. With a rise in popularity of certain engagement ring styles such as the halo ring, there is nothing we haven’t encountered. That being said, cushion cut diamonds have become increasingly popular in recent years and have now overtaken some of the other diamond cuts, such as the pear and Asscher, and is now a clear popular shape, only to be outdone by the classic Round Brilliant. A cushion-cut diamond looks either square or rectangular, but instead of the sharp edges of the princess cut or the complete roundness of the round brilliant cut, the cushion (hence its name) has rounded edges for a much softer look. A much more feminine and organic look. Furthermore, while more traditional diamonds are limited by their shape, there is no standard length to width ratio for the cushion cut diamond. This simply means that they can be the same width and length to appear ‘squared’, or alternatively longer, which is a nice little option for those wanting an elongated diamond without the sharp appearance of an Emerald cut diamond, as a perfect example.


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