Argyle Diamond

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a beautiful diamond. At Janai Jewellery, we stock some of the very best diamonds in the world, and regularly custom make our jewellery with some of the most beautiful stones on the market. Whether you are looking for a diamond for a classic engagement ring like the solitaire, or something a little more bling like the halo or trilogy or have already taken care of the engagement ring and are now onto the wedding ring, Janai Jewellery’s range of exquisite diamonds will leave you mesmerised. Take, for example, Janai’s range of Argyle diamonds. These precious and highly popular diamonds come from the Argyle Diamond Mine which is owned by the mining company Rio Tinto. Currently, the Argyle Diamond Mine has produced more than 800 million carats of diamonds worldwide. In fact, such a location is the world’s largest producer of naturally coloured diamonds, including the very rare pink diamond, which has become Argyle’s signature stone, something that diamond experts and collectors around the world all desperately long for. But not many know that Argyle is also famous for producing colours such as champagne, blue, violet or even the very rare red coloured diamonds, with the most rare colour of all coloured diamonds being purplish-red. While Argyle diamonds are beautiful, owning an Argyle diamond will literally become a rarity in the near future, as the mine is set to close by 2020 due to the low production of gem quality diamonds. Only around 1% of diamonds are of a higher enough quality to be used, so if you have always wanted an Argyle diamond, then hurry into Janai Jewellery today to organise it!


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Argyle Pink Diamonds

With more than 35 years of industry experience Janai Jewellery can source any diamond you are after at extremely competitive prices.

Yes, we even source Argyle Pink Diamonds, the rarest and most intriguing diamonds in the world!

 “for every one million carats of rough diamonds produced from the mine, only one polished carat is pink”.

The story of Argyle pink diamond is certainly nothing short of extraordinary. Emerging from 1.6 billion years of existence, this particular diamond originated from the earth’s centre and journeyed its way through some of the roughest of terrains up to the earth’s surface.

Furthermore, approximately 95% of Argyle Pink Diamonds are found in only one place, the Argyle Mine of Western Australia. And of the hundreds of thousands of diamonds produced, only a tiny percentage of Argyle diamonds are pink, making them the most esteemed diamond in the world.

Argyle pink diamonds can be found in a spectacular colour palette that depicts every shade from palest blush through to cherry blossom, soft rose, alluring violet and rare dramatic red.


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